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  • DaeJung
  • Manufacturer
  • Busan, South Korea
  • 1420, Nakdong-daero, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea
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Synthetic rope & sling manufacturer,DaeJung, in South-Korea, Busan.

Since its foundation in 1977, Daejung boasts its history longer than 40 years in manufacturing fiber fishing & sport nets industries. Especially we have 10 years fluent references in the synthetic rope industry. And we have handled various types of ropes and accumulated knowledge through rich experience during operation.

3GM(Good Machinery, Good Material, Good Manpower) well represents Daejung's strong points.
All production equipments are brand-new and high efficiency machines. Our skilled labor combined high level techniques make us to be more competitive, despite a late comer.
Many of machines on order have been delivered to us, including 8-strand, 12-strand,32-strand(for outer layer of double braid) machines and specially designed HMPE(UHMWPE) line extruder. We are now able to meet diversified demand from overseas. This is why we are approaching to you with great possibility.

• Synthetic Fibre Rope, 3 strand ropes, 8 strand mooring ropes/tails and 12 strand HMPE ropes
-HMPE(UHMWPE) , ARAMID , Polypropylene , Nylon , Mixed Ropes( Polyester + PP ), Nylon Double Braided Rope , Nylon & Polyester Double Braided , Nylon Rope for Mooring[NRM] , Monolon(Atlas type) , Polyester.

• Synthetic Sling, Aramid
-Aramid Round Sling, Polyester Round Sling.

• Stainless Steel Mooring Link

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  • DaeJung
  • +*****1
  • South Korea, Busan
  • 1420, Nakdong-daero, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea

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