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  • Foshan kaiwei air compressor co., LTD
  • Manufacturer
  • Foshan, China
  • No.2-3, west side, shangbai village committee, shangbai section, luocun, nanhai city, guangdong province
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Company Introduction

Foshan kaikai wei air compressor co., LTD., guangdong province, China, is a company specializing in the import of air compressor sales, after-sales service, room design, pipe installation company.

Main agents:

Atlas.copco air compressor agent in guangdong

Ingersoll-rand air compressor level 1 agent

ORION air conditioner and filter, general agent in China, Japan

DH Dominic? Hande filter level 1 agent

Japan KOBELCO KOBELCO air compressor agent

SULLAIR air compressor dealer

HITACHI HITACHI Japan special dealer

Liuzhou LiUTEHCH fidelity special dealer

General agent of Anest Iwata oil-free air compressor in China, Japan

Yusheng screw air compressor, variable frequency air compressor, centrifugal air compressor, high pressure air compressor

At the same time for the global accessories wholesale air compressor parts, air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator, pressure switch, temperature sensor. The pressure sensor. Electromagnetic valve. Valve repair package. Hose assemblies. Bearings. Shaft oil seal. Sleeves. Belt. Cooler. The inlet valve maintenance packages. Unloading valve maintenance packages. Thermostatic valve package. Check valve maintenance package. The minimum pressure valve repair package. Gas water separator package. Drain valve. Automatic drainer cleaner... Special oil for air compressor. Advanced coolant. Super coolant...

Foshan kaiwei air compressor co., ltd. maintains customers in 26 provinces and guangdong pearl river delta region, ranking top 10 in domestic reputation. Along with the development of the pearl river delta in recent years, industrial and service of air compressor and the guarantee of quality for the user enterprise, provides the high-quality service for the customer, and as the enterprises of the importance of air compressor, foshan Kate air compressor co., LTD in order to solve this problem, maintain the normal production of enterprises, AD hoc division with free service 24 hours a day. Professional technology, professional service, for your production to solve the superior. Professional senior engineers for your plant design, room planning, pipeline renovation, system budget and configuration, provide excellent feasibility plan report; For you to save costs, reduce the cost of use to provide the most practical advice. Your request is our service.

Air compressor :(sell the following brands, air compressor consumables)

Atlas (USA) shouli (UK) kangpu (Taiwan) fusheng (Japan) kobelco

(UK) osg (Germany) aigao (USA) Ingersoll rand (Japan) Hitachi lingge wind

(Germany) baoju (Japan) mitsui, iwata, tanabe (Italy) koron (Korea) LG Caesar

Precision filter :(sell precision filter elements of the following brands)

JM (Taiwan) joined (hangzhou) jiamei (Britain) DH Dominic hand (Japan) SMC

Hankison Parker (Germany) and Sander (Germany)

(Italy) Hiross (Germany) Ultrafilter (Italy) Italian Hiross BEA liuzhou fidelity filter, fuyang grand series, JM series jiamei Taiwan union, east east Taiwan earthquakes in fujian JD series, colin gas source, super LvJingHua, han industry in hangzhou, hangzhou, cantonese, hangzhou risheng, hangzhou mountain stand, saso, hangzhou linan city, zhejiang province cayon

Dryer: refrigerated dryer, (air-cooled, water-cooled)

Adsorption dryer

Kaikewei company all members of the dedicated service, I believe that you will be satisfied!

Our aim is: "integrity, professional, first-class service."

24-hour service telephone: 0757-8643 4598 13928625981

(note: special price of original products wholesale)

At the same time supply: positive force seiko. Fly and. Insulted thestandard wind. Schneider. The wave. Yonatus. Can be complex. Kettle. D. God steel. Tin pressure. Bolaite. High quality products and original parts from compressor manufacturers such as matai...

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  • Foshan kaiwei air compressor co., LTD
  • 1*****1
  • China, Foshan
  • No.2-3, west side, shangbai village committee, shangbai section, luocun, nanhai city, guangdong province

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