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Shanghai Support-Sailing Trading Co.,Ltd.
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  • Shanghai Support-Sailing Trading Co.,Ltd.
  • Equipment/Spares Agent
  • Shanghai, China
  • Room342,Bldg28,140Tianlin RD,Shanghai,China
  • 42

Diesel Engine>Turbocharger>Air Filter

Diesel Engine>Cylinder Cover/Head>Fuel Oil Injection Valve

Diesel Engine>Cylinder Block/Engine Blocks

Diesel Engine>Lubricating System>Lub. Oil Pressure Regualting Valve

Diesel Engine>Others

Auxiliary Machinery>Oil Fired Boiler, Exhaust Gas Boiler(economizer),Combination Boiler>Safety Valve

Auxiliary Machinery>Pressure Vessel and Tank>Electric Heaters

Auxiliary Machinery>Ventilation System>Fire Damper

Auxiliary Machinery>Oily Water Separator(bilge Water Separator),>Filter Cartridge/Element

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Valve>Ball Valve

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Valve>Temperature Control Valve/Thermostat Valve

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Valve>Solenoid Valve

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Filter/Strainer>Sea Chest Grating

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Filter/Strainer>Filter Element/Cartriger

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Pipe Fittings>Flexible Hose

HVAC(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning),Refrigeration Provision System>Air Conditioning System>Refrigeration Compressor

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Electrical Equipment>Electrical Heater

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Power Distribution System>Battery

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Electric Component and Electric Cable>Circuit Breaker

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Electric Component and Electric Cable>Limit Switch

Deck Machinery>Lifting Appliance>Lifeboat Davit

Fire Fighting and Life-saving Equipment>Fire Detection & Alarm System>Fire Alarm Unit

Fire Fighting and Life-saving Equipment>Lifesaving Equipment>Lifeboat Equipment

Measuring Meter/Instrument/ Measuring Element/Special Tool>Pressure Sensor/Transmitter

Ship Chandler>Accommodation Equipment>Textile

Ship Chandler>Engine Store>O-ring

Ship Chandler>Thermal Insulation Material/Heat Insulating Material

Ship Chandler>Others

Auxiliary Machinery>Pump (Classified According to Working Principle)>Others

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Pipe Fittings>Others

Diesel Engine>Auxiliary Blower>Others

Thermal Oil Heater>Ignition pole

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  • Shanghai Support-Sailing Trading Co.,Ltd.
  • 1*****8
  • Shanghai, China
  • Room342,Bldg28,140Tianlin RD,Shanghai,China

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