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  • Jingjiang Hongzhou International Trade Co.,Ltd
  • Equipment/Spares Agent
  • Taizhou, China
  • No .1 Kangqiao Road, Xingang Park, Jingjiang Economic Development Zone
  • 13
Company Introduction

Established in January 2011, Jingjiang Hongzhou International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Jingjiang, the land of fish and rice in the Golden Delta of the Yangtze River. The company adheres to the principle of customer first and takes customer satisfaction as its own responsibility. The main business of the company includes:
1. Design and construction of ship engineering
2. Supply of ship supporting equipment and spare parts
3. - supply of food and office supplies for ships
4. Automation and navigation services
5. LSA and FFA services
6. Underwater inspection service
7. Maintenance of governor, turbocharger and fuel injection pump
8. Thickness measurement service
9. Ship supervision and management, dock repair and maintenance, and all kinds of ship inspection

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Main Product
  • supply
  • Shipyard mechanical
  • Office Supplies/Stationery
  • Furniture(Table,Chair,Cabinet,Bed)
  • Lighting Fixture
  • Jetting Machine
  • Technology Consultant and Marine Service
  • Ship Repair
  • Diver Inspection Service
  • Maintenance/Inspection Service for Life-saving and Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Thickness Measurement Service
  • Flow Meter / Flow Indicator
  • sensor
  • turbocharger spare parts
  • incinerator spare parts
  • air compressor
  • PUMP
  • 通讯设备
  • Electric Cable
  • lifting appliance spare parts
  • hatch cover fitting
  • Fairlead
  • Watertight Small Hatch Cover
  • Weathertight Door
  • Ventilator
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Main Brand
  • provision
  • equipment
  • office supplies
  • furniture
  • LAMP
  • jetting machine
  • Technical advice and services
  • Ship repair
  • Diver inspection service
  • Maintenance of life-saving fire fighting equipment
  • Thickness Service
  • Flowmeter/flow indicator
  • sensor
  • Filter Spare Parts
  • Supercharger spare parts
  • Incinerator spare parts
  • air compressor
  • pump
  • switch-board
  • cable
  • Lifting equipment spare part
  • Cargo hatch cover attachments
  • Chock guide/guide
  • Small watertight hatch cover
  • ventilation
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  • Jingjiang Hongzhou International Trade Co.,Ltd
  • 1*****2
  • China, Taizhou
  • No .1 Kangqiao Road, Xingang Park, Jingjiang Economic Development Zone

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