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  • "After cooperating with ShipParts.com for over one year, our Ballast Water Treatment System has made rapid progress in the Greek market."

    —— Shanghai LEE'S FUDA Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

  • "Under the vigorous promotion of ShipParts.com, the volume of business in Singapore and Japan has increased by a substaintial margin, especially in our scrubber area."

    —— Shanghai Bluesoul Environmental Technology CO., Ltd.

  • "With strong support of ShipParts.com in the past year, our Hansun products have been sold to many world-renowned ship owners, ship builders and ocean engineering projects, etc."

    —— Hansun (Shanghai) Marine Technology Co.,Ltd.

Live Trading Activity

Type From To Product
  • RFQ Toyko Lagos Window Wiper
  • Purchase Order China Athens Main Air Compressor
  • Quotation China Hongkong Waste Oil Incinerator
  • RFQ China Istanbul Diesel Generator Spares
  • Dispatch China Athens Pressure Sensor
  • Quotation Singapore China Hydraulic Motor
  • Confirm Receipt China Köln Fan with Motor
  • RFQ China Singapore Cargo Crane Spares
  • Purchase Order China Athens Hatch Cover Spares
  • Confirm Receipt Seoul China Fresh Water Generator Spares
  • Quotation China Athens Water Alarm System
  • Dispatch Busan Copenhagen Hot Water Circulating Pump Spares
  • RFQ China Hamburg Electric Heater
  • Quotation Mumbai Athens Auxiliary Boiler
  • Confirm Receipt China Amsterdam Exhaust Valve Grinder
  • RFQ China Panama Tugboat Parts
  • Quotation Busan Thessaloniki Cooling S.W. pump
  • RFQ China Lagos Deck Piping & Valves
  • Purchase Order Seoul Berlin Cargo Grab
  • RFQ China Rio Firetarding Doors
  • Quotation Inchon Mexico City Gear Pump
  • RFQ Kolkata New York Ventilation Air Intake Filter
  • Dispatch China Lagos Provision Compressor
  • Purchase Order Toyko Rio Centrifugal Pump
  • Quotation New Delhi The Hague Lifeboat Free-Fall
  • Dispatch Busan Thessaloniki Navigational Light & Panel
  • Purchase Order Singapore Lagos Turbocharger Spares
  • Dispatch Seoul Athens MGPS
  • Confirm Receipt China Ankara Pistion Compressor
  • Quotation Busan Rotterdam Cargo Handling Machinery
  • RFQ New Delhi Athens Alternator
  • Quotation China China Oil Cooler Assy
  • Purchase Order China Dhaka Ballast Valve
  • Quotation Singapore Kolkata Composite Boiler
  • Confirm Receipt Seoul London L.O. Purifier
  • Dispatch Busan China Marine Ventilation Fans
  • Quotation Mumbai Athens Oil Mist Detector
  • Purchase Order Singapore Hamburg Sewage Pump
  • RFQ Seoul China Hydraulic Steering Gear
  • RFQ China New Delhi E/R Control Console
  • Quotation China Athens Starter Bow Thruster
  • Confirm Receipt Inchon Lagos Buttery Valve
  • Purchase Order Singapore Paris Air Motor
  • Dispatch Toyko Athens HHS Anchor
  • RFQ China Athens ALPHA Lubricator
  • Quotation New Delhi Lagos Marine Float Level Controller
  • Confirm Receipt Singapore Munich Camshaft Bearing
  • Quotation Toyko Ankara Water Level Detection System
  • Purchase Order Mumbai Sao Paulo AMCA Hydraulic Valve
  • RFQ China Athens ICCP
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