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About ShipParts.com

ShipParts.com is a marine equipment and spare parts online procurement platform, providing
professional service for users from more than 110 countries and regions around the world. With the 
core of digital technology and the mission of technical service, ShipParts.com provides one-stop
procurement service to customers both online and offline by our international team from 7 branch
offices which includes China, Singapore, South Korea, America and Brazil.

ShipParts.com is a marine equipment and spare parts online procurement platform, providing professional service for users from more than 110 countries and regions around the world. With the core of digital technology and the mission of technical service, ShipParts.com provides one-stop procurement service to customers both online and offline by our international team from 7 branch offices which includes China, Singapore, South Korea, America and Brazil.

Our Resource

  • Users from 110+ countries
  • 10000+ marine suppliers’ store online
  • 150000+ products available
  • 3000+ buyers around the world

Our Service

  • User-friendly
  • Standardize RFQ,
    Quotation, PO, and
  • Secure payment and
  • 7*24 support at any step
  • Value-added services
    bringing advantages to
    your business

Global Promotion

ShipParts.com has participated in numerous
marine exhibitions including Sea Asia,
Nor-Shipping, OSEA, SMM, IME, NAVALIA,
Seatrade, SeaWork,etc.

Why ShipParts.com?

  • Getting more competitive
    prices faster, usually more than one supplier will send
    quotations to you.
  • More business opportunity and an expanded market, we have
    plenty of active buyers from
    different countries with different demands.
  • Since ShipParts.com’s establishment, we have created a Data
    Base which your company can enjoy it.
  • Sustainable quality assurance
    for products verified by third
    party classification society.
  • Decreased communication
    costs, link your partners with
    inquiry and quote system or
    real-time chat tool on ShipParts.com.
  • Increased profitability and
  • Standardized trade information center, track with your trade at
    any time.
  • Guide and support for
    transnational online trade.

Join ShipParts.com

  • Any visitor comes to
    ShipParts.com can learn about us on the website. Sellers’ stores and five pages of buyers’ inquiries are available to visit.
    Register and log in for more information.
  • Please provide an email to be the administrator for your company account in
    ShipParts.com. Use it to register and log
    in. Registered users can view all the
    stores, inquiries and any other content on ShipParts.com.
  • After an overview, before you start your
    business on ShipParts.com. Please
    upload your business license which will be verified in one weekday by
    ShipParts.com. Once approved, you are
    free to make a full use of ShipParts.com.

On ShipParts.com

You can be both a buyer and a seller

  • As a seller you can

    Have an independent store with a commodity shelf

    Make quotations on recent demands posted by buyers

    Receive inquiries from buyers

    Ask for third party inspection

    Apply for the Registered/Verified Supplier

  • As a buyer you can

    Search the store/product and make best choice

    Send RFQ/Post demand and keep contact with seller online

    Receive quotations from qualified seller

    Place purchase order to ideal seller online

    Track the transact procedure at any time

Our Partner

The Verified Supplier Service is for Mainland
China supplier only

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The Verified Supplier Service is for Mainland
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