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1)  Why should I register as an Individual user on

By registering as an Individual user you will receive:
  • Access to one of the largest maritime company database
  • More interactive functions, including favorites, share, comments, etc.

2)  Why should I register as a Business user on

By registering as a Business user you will receive:
  • All features of individual users
  • Display company information for free
  • Efficient and secure online transaction service
  • Manage Users in your Company

3)How to Search for information more efficiently on

  • As an Individual user, you can search for companies by company name, product name and brand name.
  • As a Business user, beyond the search function, you will be able to send enquiries on the platform, the platform will recommend the matched seller to you to meet your needs.

4)How does charge?

  • As an Individual user, you are able to access the large Maritime knowledge base and experience more interactive functions for free.
  • As a Business user, you are able to enjoy all services including features of the Individual user, company profile, Send/Receive enquiries, etc. We only charge a  percentage commission based on PO value as Platform Service Fees.

5) What kind of goods are mainly traded on is a platform for trading marine equipment, spare parts and services.

6)How to register as Seller on

You need to register as business user, prepare an email address as your only Username in, and choose a company verification method for company verification (such as business license, User verification form, etc.). will then review the information you submitted within one working day. Once the application is approved, you can complete the activation of the Seller account. At the same time, you can also choose to upgrade to become a premium member and enjoy more Seller value-added services.

7)What are the benefits of membership?

8) How to check my transaction progress?

Please log into dashboard. The most recent transaction status will be found at the Trading Center.

9) How do you ensure the quality of the products?

All registered Sellers have been verified by either and/or our global strategic partners such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), RINA, Indian Register of Shipping (IRCLASS) etc. also cooperates with Mari-Trust for the company due diligence verifications, to further support your procurement decision.

10) How can a Buyer contact Sellers for After-sales Services?

Through you can enquire with the Seller any questions at any stage including at Quotation /PO /Payment /Logistics, Team will support facilitating an answer from the Seller.

11) Buyer has been waiting for the quotation for some time

Firstly, do confirmyour enquiry has been sent successfully by Trading Center- Enquiry Management. It can take up tp 24-48hrs for a response. You can contact our Customer Service if you have any doubts.

12)Is the quality of the goods guaranteed? Is there any guarantee for delivery by the relevant terms?

In cooperation with the Mari-Trust Marine Supplier Evaluation System, regularly conducts compliance audits for both the Buyers and the Sellers, towards reducing online transaction risks. In addition, has strict product delivery and supervision processes to ensure the maximum degree of transaction and product safety between Buyers and Sellers.
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