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Q: What is ShipParts.com?

A: ShipParts.com is an e-commerce B2B platform for marine equipment, spare parts and services.

Q: What kind of goods are mainly traded on ShipParts.com?

A: ShipParts.com aims on providing the right marine equipment, spare parts and services.

Q: How do you control the quality of the products?

A: All registered suppliers have been verified by either ShipParts.com and/or our global strategic partner Bureau Veritas (BV).

Q: Can we see products and specifications on ShipParts.com?

A: Yes. Most of the suppliers would post their products and related specifications in the Shop which help potential buyers have a better understanding.

Q: What benefits can ShipParts.com bring?

A: We connect you the right maritime buyer or seller, as well as assist you in every stage of trading till after-sales, including locating the right parts, payment, logistics, etc..

Q: Where do customers of ShipParts.com come from?

A: Up to date, 28% of ShipParts.com's customers comes from Europe, 41% from Asia(Oceania), 11% from Afica, 20% from America, totally over 17000 global suppliers and over 2000 active buyers around the world.

Q: How to charge for publishing information on ShipPats.com?

A: Sending RFQs and Posting Demands on ShipParts.com as registered users are free of charge, moreover we provide unique promotion online service to our premium users. Please refer to https://www.shipparts.com/info/become-partner-supplier

Q: Can you support me to import goods overseas?

A: Yes. By cooperating with various of international logistics forwarders, Courier service providers, ShipParts.com not only support you to the right supplier and goods, but deliver them to cities and ports worldwide.

Q: What benefit can ShipParts.com membership bring?

A: ShipParts.com provides a package of premium services for the members which can easily contibute to recognition of potential customers and market expanding.

Q: Awaiting quotation for so long time, why?

A: First of all, please check your inquiry has been sent successfully by Seller Center-RFQ/Quotation. Normally, it takes 24~48hrs for a inquiry responded. Please kindly await. Contact our customer service if you have more doubts.

Q: Can I be both act as a buyer and a seller in one account,sending inquiry and quotation at the same time?

A: Yes. Registered users can both act as a buyer by sending inquiries, and as a seller by making quotations after creating online shop and uploading products.

Q: How do the buyer find me?

A: Buyer can find supplier through searching products, brands and company names. System may also match the right buyer with you automaticlly according to information you post on your shop. Thus, please try to upload your info. as much as possible.

Q: How to actively find buyers?

A: Quotation for demands in Recent Demands-View more.

Q: How to check my trade progress?

A: By logging in ShipParts.com, recent trading status will be found in your Buyer Center/or Seller Center.

The Verified Supplier Service is for Mainland
China supplier only

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The Verified Supplier Service is for Mainland
China supplier only