Grow your Distribution Channels, Expand Your Business connects Buyers with Sellers all over the world, providing Sellers with a professional online presence, company/product catalogues, sales, marketing and other services

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Online Display provides an open platform to maintain your company page. Create a high-quality page by uploading your company information including company introduction, contact details, product catalogue, marketing materials, etc. The more complete the page, the higher the chances of attracting interested Buyers

Buyers Across the World

As a leading maritime e-procurement platform, has over 90,000 Active Users and has served over 10,000 vessels worldwide.

Further, presence covers over 100 major cities and ports, helping you provides timely after-sales service to Buyers and expanding your business reach worldwide.

Support Currency Exchange and Logistics

Even though, you might already have tens of different agents that help you to contact for transaction, but our arrival means one more business that might not be covered by your agents.

If you are worrying about the details of international trading process, we offer support in both currency exchange and logistics. currency exchange ratio between CNY and USD.

If you are not sure about international delivery,you can let us know, and we will help you to deliver the product to the right place timely.

With all the resource we have, we

can definitely provide a better

service for our supplier partners

Trading Process
Registered as member of your company on
BV Verified Supplier Service(optional)
Wait for the buyer to create the Purchase Order(PO)
Receive the delivery information
Deliver the product(s)
Upload product information
Answer RFQ or respond Inquires from Demand
Accept the Purchase Order
Wait for the buyer to pay for the PO
Buyer confirms receipt