Why Us?

We are a well-known China-based online and offline global trading platform for marine equipment and spares -- A complete platform for both Buyers and Suppliers. We are completely different from the traditional role of agent while we still offer offline service.

  • Online Platform
  • Offline Service
Contact the Buyer directly

Since we are an one-stop platform, you will be able to contact the buyer directly through our website. Thus, you don't need to worry about the price change between you and the buyer. And if there's a time limit for the transaction, your time will not be wasted at the traditional agent to agent process. We offer service 24 hours/7 days. Therefore, if there's a urgent request, you can directly contact us at any moment.

Buyers across all the Oceans and Continents

As a China-based platform, we have 17000+ Chinese manufacturers and traders as sellers in our platform, and we can offer you the Chinese products with good quality at more reasonable price. Besides simply taking those Chinese manufactures as your competitor, consider that they could also be one of your buyers. As a global trading platform, we have buyers across all the Oceans and Continents.

BV is Our Global Partner

When the buyer requires another classification than the one you have, we offer BV as a choice for you. Since BV is our global partner, we also offer easier access to BV verification .

Support Currency Exchange and Logistics

Even though, you might already have tens of different agents that help you to contact for transaction, but our arrival means one more business that might not be covered by your agents. If you are worrying about the details of international trading process, we offer support in both currency exchange and logistics. currency exchange ratio between CNY and USD. If you are not sure about international delivery,you can let us know, and we will help you to deliver the product to the right place timely.

With all the resource we have, we can definitely provide a better service for our supplier partners.

Trading Process
  • Upload product information
  • Answer RFQ or respond Inquires from Demand
  • Accept the Purchase Order
  • Wait for the buyer to pay for the PO
  • Receive the payment from after the buyer receives the product
  • Create your own shop on
  • BV Verified Supplier Service(optional)
  • Wait for the buyer to create the Purchase Order(PO)
  • Receive the delivery information
  • Deliver the product(s)

The Verified Supplier Service is for Mainland
China supplier only