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As an Online Trading Platform, Buyers can easily locate marine equipment and spares through ShipParts.com. Enhance your procurement experience by accessing our comprehensive database and value added services.

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Find equipment/spares from over 5200 Chinese manufacturers and traders by searching suppliers database on ShipParts.com. Manage your search results according to our Comprehensive Suppliers Ranking. Locate equipment and spares through our inventory database composed of reliable suppliers.

Connect Suppliers by Creating RFQs or Posting a Demand.

If RFQ doesn't fit your need, our Post Demand might be the one you are looking for. Post Demand - a system that makes sellers voluntarily ask for inquires after you post your needs on our website



Experience One-Stop Procurement

Online payment Logistics Insurance Third Party Inspection And more services on ShipParts.com.

Trading Process
  • Search your Targeted Products on ShipParts.com

    Send RFQs to as many as 10 Suppliers at once And Apply for Third Party Inspection (optional)

  • View Supplier's answer and Chat with them
  • Pay for the PO
  • Evaluate the order (Give out comments)
  • Join ShipParts.com for Free
  • Send Demand with the category (categories) and some detailed descriptions of your Targeted Product(s)
  • Send Purchase Order (PO) to seller(s)
  • Confirm the arrival

ShipParts.com – marine equipment supply and demand platform
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