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Software & System
Buyer Solution
Procurement Management System for Shipowners and Ship Managers
updated the the latest market data as smart recommendations
improving operational efficiency and cost management
Seller Solution
Customer Service System for Marine Equipment Manufacturers,
covering pre-sales, sales and after-sales to increasing sales
productivity and defending aftersales
Company Audit
Mari-Trust Marine Supplier Evaluation System, provides an objective scoring Due Diligence reporting supporting users to navigate risk for their purchasing decisions.Find out
Market Price Range
PriceRanger offers guidance on market price ranges for marine equipment amd spare parts with automatic recommendation for suppliers matching your enquiries. Benchmark market price ranges for marine equipment and spare parts.Find out
Additive Manufacturing
CloudParts, powered by, is developing digital parts hosting solution for maritime spare parts. It provides a secure platform for Sellers to securely store digital files of their parts in the cloud, allowing Buyers to purchase licenses to print parts wherever and whenever they are needed. Find out
Inventory Optimization
AI-Powered Marine Inventory Optimization (AIMIO) providing decision support for Shipowners and Shipmanagers to optimize their spare parts and stores with proven IT and data analytics technologies.Find out
Logistics Service
ChaFreight logistics quotation system, help users to get reliable and cost-effective logistics quotations for marine equipment and spares.Find out

Strategic Partners

Cooperation with Strategic Global Partners Creating More Value for Marine Buyers and Sellers.

American Bureau of Shipping(ABS), a leading global provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence in design and construction.
One of the world’s leading international classification societies and offshore safety and verification bodies. The founding member of IACS. Mainly engaged in risk prevention and improving safety and efficiency for the marine industry. The service network covers more than 90 countries around the world.
RINA provides a wide range of services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors. With over 3,900 employees and 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide, RINA is a member of key international organizations and an important contributor to the development of new legislative standards
Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) is an international ship classification society providing ship classification and certification as well as technical inspection services.
Marine Equipment Association, Non-profit organization, Provides assistance to the marine equipment industry specifically in its promotion and development, and engages in public relations services to enhance export promotion.
L.I.N.K. Global is an international network of independent forwarders, together taking care of millions of pounds of cargo transported over sea, in the air and via the road.
TRUSTEDDOCKS.COM is the first matchmaking platform connecting shipyards, shipowners, shipmanagers, equipment manufacturers, and service suppliers. has a large directory of over 1000 shipyards and 8600 shipmanagers and has conducted over 50+ global drydocking tenders.
Mari-Trust Marine Supplier Evaluation System, provides an objective scoring Due Diligence reporting supporting users to navigate risk for their purchasing decisions.
CloudParts is a digital warehousing solution for marine spare parts. It provides a secure platform for sellers to store digital copies of their parts in the cloud, allowing buyers to purchase licenses to print them wherever and whenever they are needed.

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- As a Business user, beyond the Search function, you will be able to post enquiries on the platform. The platform will recommend the best matched Sellers to you meeting your needs.
How does charge?
- As an Individual user, you are able to access the large Maritime knowledge base and experience more interactive functions for free.
- As a Business user, you are able to enjoy all services including features of the Individual user, company profile, Send/Receive enquiries, etc. We only charge a  percentage commission based on PO value as Platform Service Fees.
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Through you can enquire with the Seller any questions at any stage including at Quotation /PO /Payment /Logistics, Team will support facilitating an answer from the Seller.

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