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  • Tianjin zhonglan pump industry co. LTD
  • Manufacturer
  • Tianjin, China
  • No. 8-1, xinfa road, shuangqiao river industrial park, jinnan district, tianjin
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Tianjin zhonglan pump industry co., LTD. Is located in no. 8-1, xinfa road, shuangqiao river industrial park, jinnan district, tianjin. The large area is located between tianjin city and binhai new area, surrounded by highways, less than an hour's drive from Beijing, tianjin, tang and tianjin port. The geographical environment is superior and the transportation is convenient.
Our company mainly develops and produces submersible axial flow and mixed flow pump. Mining submersible pumps, submersible pumps for common Wells, submersible sewage pumps, super-deep well submersible pumps, high-temperature geothermal submersible pumps; Non-blocking rotary shell pump; Large flow self-priming pump, etc. (the above products are all in 304-304 l stainless steel material such as optional), some products in stock, such as: the commonly used well pump series, perennial with a large number of spot supply, shorten the supply cycle long malpractices of stainless steel products, great convenience to the user. Mr. Zhang shulin, the company's chairman, is a highly innovative person with a strong technical background. He is known as a mad man of innovation and reform. Under his leadership, the r&d department has a strong team of experts and new products are constantly launched. Therefore, the products mentioned above do not represent all products of the company (only a certain stage). If you have new product demand, or inadequacies in the our products, please be informed that we will be in the shortest time to improve the deficiency of the existing products, or new product research and development for you satisfied, welcome more ideas and Suggestions.
In addition to providing all the above products in a timely and rapid manner, we can also provide corresponding auxiliary products, such as shaft pump wellbore and tapping door. Flexible flexible conduit without steel wire for temporary drainage (diameter 50-800mm); Hoisting pipe of well pump; Diving cable (high temperature resistance); Manhole covers, elevator, cable tie, the well liquid level display control device, and a variety of control cabinet, such as: frequency conversion control cabinet, the soft starting control cabinet, auto voltage reducing control cabinets, small power pump with liquid level control of treasure. Remote control and detection equipment can be provided according to user needs. Remote cloud control can be realized as long as there is a mobile signal in the area, and the APP phone client can be downloaded to control the running state of the water pump. It can connect with the Internet of things and fully realize intelligent water pump.
Of course, we provide you with a complete set of pump products, if there is no guidance for installation service is also a defect, not perfect. Therefore, we have set up our own technical guidance installation team to provide you with timely and thoughtful services, so that you can choose blue products without any worries.
How can we ensure the quality of our products? How can you get quality service? One is the optimization of talent, because of the high quality of product is made of high-quality staff, at present the company of college degree or above personnel accounted for 48%, after 80, control of various important department. 2 it is to want to rely on the ISO: 9001 quality management system, at the scene of the workshop to do 5 s management, product manufacturing process should be made, in strict accordance with the requirement of technological process is three of first-line production staff to conduct regular of the theory and practice of training, field installation guide for staff to conduct regular training, same only seize all three can produce high quality products. Our quality goal is to learn German manufacturing, now China's economic transition, we must try to learn their rigorous, near critical quality concept is our way out.
As the saying goes, seeing is believing, listening to the sounds of empty, if the user to select our products, as long as you have the time to tianjin, we guarantee that let you see the product test, submersible axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump experimental flow can reach 2-30000 m3 / h, high-lift pump well, mine pump experiment, the power supply voltage 380 v / 660 v / 1140 v transformer capacity is 1000 kva, within the scope of more powerful can provide 10 kv power supply.
China blue pump industry is willing to make friends with the world, let us make efforts for China!!

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  • Tianjin zhonglan pump industry co. LTD
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  • China, Tianjin
  • No. 8-1, xinfa road, shuangqiao river industrial park, jinnan district, tianjin

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