Deck Machinery Electrical Equipment and Automation Propulsion System And Rudder System Auxiliary Machinery Diesel Engine Communication and Navigation Equipment Service Ship Chandler Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings Galley Equipment/Laundry Equipment/Sanitory Unit Fire Fighting and Life-saving Equipment Deck/Accommodation Outfitting Cargo Hold Hatch Cover HVAC(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning),Refrigeration Provision System Measuring Meter/Instrument/ Measuring Element/Special Tool

deck machinery bearing supply sensor diesel engine Shipyard mechanical deck/accommodation outfitting Pressure Sensor/Transmitter Level Sensor Chiller Water Plant Windlass Cabin Barometer Gravitymeter Viscometer PH Meter Tachometer Mooring Winch Ampere Meter/Ammeter Voltage Meter/Voltmeter Power Meter/Watt Meter Capstan Multimeter Towing Equipment Frequency Meter Hydraulic Pack/Power Station(Windlass/Winch/Hatch Cover) Megameter Synchronization Electrical Equipment Sounding Gauge Oil Tank Sounding Pipe and Self-closing Device Measuring Tool Lifting Appliance Diesel Engine Crankweb Deflection Gauge Stern Shaft Bearing Wear Down Gauge Power Distribution System Portable Oxygen Measuring Meter Reduction Gear Box Flammable Gas Detection System Coupling Gas Monitoring Instrument Clutch Shaft Torsion Meter Vibration Damper Hydraulic Jack Intermediate Shaft Tightening Torque Spanner/Wrench Intermediate Shaft Bearing Automation/ Monitoring/Alarm System & Remote Control Unit Fuel Oil Supply Unit Thruster Bearing Shaft Flange Connection Bolt/Fitting Bolt Shaft Hydraulic Fitting Bolt Shaft Hydraulic Nut Air Compressor Stern Shaft/Properller Shaft Stern Shaft/Tube Bearing Turbocharger Stern Tube Stern Tube Assembly Stern Tube Sealing Unit Stern Tube Air/Ocean Guard Sealing Unit Communication Equipment Exhaust Manifold Propeller Silencer Air Drier Propeller Shaft Cap Exhaust Gas Pipe Risiliant Support Propeller Nozzle Electric Component and Electric Cable ME Top Bracing HFO/MDO/LO Purifier HVAF(Hub Vertex Absorb Fin) Technology Consultant and Marine Service Air Cooler Controllable Pitch Propeller CPP Unit Radio Communication Equipment Ship Repair Auxiliary Blower Inspection Service Steering Gear Bow/Tunnel Thruster & Control Box Cylinder Cover/Head Electrical Propulsion Unit Office Facility Oil Fired Boiler, Exhaust Gas Boiler(economizer),Combination Boiler Water Jets Explosion Proof Equipment and Component Valve Rudder Stock Rudder Pintle Accommodation Equipment Cylinder Liner Rudder Tiller Cylinder Block/Engine Blocks Hydraulic Nut Engine Frames/A Frame Rudder Blade Bed Plates Flap Rudder Tie Rods Backer Rudder Navigation Equipment Piston Rudder Carrier Recreational Facilities/Entertainment Facilities Hot Well Unit Filter/Strainer Synthetic Rudder Bush Galley Equipment Hospital Equipment ME Jacket Water Preheating Unit Crosshead Pressure Vessel and Tank Light Fittings Pipe Fittings Connecting Rod Crankshaft Balance Weight Thermal Oil Heater Shaft Seal Signalling Equipment Flywheel ME Vibration Damper Laundry Equipment Bearing Heat Exchanger(Plate/Tube Type) Bridge Equipment Sanitory Unit Fire Detection & Alarm System Pump (Classified According to Working Principle) Workshop Equipment Turning Gear Starting System Fire Extinguishing Equipment Camshaft and Timing Gear Ventilation System Chain Fuel Oil System Labour Protection Appliance Fresh Water Generator Lubricating System Anchor Reliquefaction Plants For Gas Tankers Ship Security Equipment Cooling System Lifesaving Equipment Marking and Symbol Anchor Chain/Chain Cable Accummulator Chain Cable Accessory Crankcase Oil Mist Detector MGO Cooling Plant Engine Store Crankcase Explosive-proof Door Governor Chain Stopper Anti-heeling Unit Anchor Chain Releaser/Anchor Chain Release Pin Epoxy Mooring Rope M/E Local Control Console Anti-fouling System Bollard Semi-resilient Steel Spring Plates MGPS---Marine Growth Prevention System Fairlead Adjustable Steel Chocks Roller Deck Store ICCP(Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) Steel Door Fire Door Shaft Earthing Device Self-closing Device of Door Weathertight Door Anti-rolling Device Weathertight Small Hatch Cover Watertight Small Hatch Cover Side Scuttles Oily Water Separator(bilge Water Separator), Windows Air Pipe Miscellaneous Sewage Water Treatment Plant Ventilator Gooseneck Ventilator Manhole Cover Incinerator Rubber Sealing for Door/Window/Small Hatch Handrail Radar Mast Pipe Ballast Water Treatment Plant Fore Mast Ladder Thermal Insulation Material/Heat Insulating Material Desulfurization Unit Welding Consumables Elevator/Lift Container & Lashing Equipment Galley Lift Hatch Cover & Fitting Pyrotechnics Hatch Cover Sealing/Rubber Seal/Corner Packing Air Conditioning System Hatch Cover Roller Hatch Cover Securing Fitting Flow Meter Hatch Cover Resting Pad Level Remote Indicating System E/R Crane Hydraulic Jack Flat Glass Type Level Gauge Magnetic Type Level Gauge Refrigeration Provision System Thermometer Tempreture Sensor/Transmitter Pressure Gauge

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  • Yancheng, China
  • No 188 Building,Yinbin Road ,the Yellow Sea Street office ,The south of Yancheng City district ,Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Company Introduction

TREASURE MARINE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a company specializing in anchor chains and accessories, anchors, Mooring Outfittings,hatch cover chains and stainless steel chain products.

Since the establishment of the company, we have won the recognition and trust of our customers at home and abroad with high quality and low price products and fast and efficient and thoughtful service.
The main product categories are as follows:
Marine anchor chain and accessories: Grade 2, Grade 3 φ12.5 ~φ152 anchor chain and anchor chain accessories (Kenter shackle, end shackle, Joining shackle, Buoy shackle, Crown shackle, etc.);
Mooring Outfittings: Chock, bollards, rollers, fairleads, chain stoppers, etc.;
Anchor: JIS stockless anchor, Hall anchor, SPEK anchor, AC-14 HHP anchor, POOL anchor, MK5, etc.
High-strength chain: φ10~φ42 high-strength short link chain, G80 lifting chain, φ6-φ62 hatch chain, stainless steel chain, etc.

The above products comply with international standards and provide product recognition certificates for 10 international classification societies such as CCS, ABS, LR, NK, BV, KR, CR, RINA, RMRS, and DNV-GL.
We have a considerable number of anchor chains and anchors in stock, welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate business!

we have anchor and anchor chains in stock . the fastest lead time and the best price for you .welcome to contact us

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  • China, Yancheng
  • No 188 Building,Yinbin Road ,the Yellow Sea Street office ,The south of Yancheng City district ,Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China

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