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Jiangsu Dehua Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

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  • Jiangsu Dehua Pump Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Equipment/Spares Agent
  • Taizhou, China
  • Xiazhuang,Gugao,Jiangyan,Taizhou,Jiangsu
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Company Introduction

Jiangsu Dehua Pump Industry Co.,Ltd. is engaged by a group of marine water pump production and sales for decades people in the sense of China marine industry development situation, to a thousand li a day good for society to make larger contribution in March 2006 the establishment of a limited liability company, products have successfully entered some famous China such as COSCO, Hudong Shipyard, and has been successful export 5 tugs with pumps to singapore. In 2011, production and marketing of various types of pumps, expansion joints of more than 3000 pieces, enterprises have entered the China Shipbuilding water pump manufacturing industry ten.

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Main Product

  • 消防泵
  • 消防泵
  • 海水泵
  • Hydraulically Operated Submerged Pump
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • FW Generator Ejector Pump
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Main Brand

  • jiangyan dehua
  • dehua
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Auxiliary Machinery>Pump (Classified According to Working Principle)>Centrifugal Pump

Auxiliary Machinery>Fresh Water Generator>FW Generator Ejector Pump

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Pipe Fittings>Bellows Expansion Joint

Auxiliary Machinery>Liquefied Gas Equipment (LNG/LPG Equipment)>Hydraulically Operated Submerged Pump

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  • Jiangsu Dehua Pump Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 1*****6
  • China, Taizhou
  • Xiazhuang,Gugao,Jiangyan,Taizhou,Jiangsu

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