Our Third Party Inspection solve the concerns you have.

Quality of the product has been an age-long concern for many of the buyers.This concern might come from many different degrees: It might be whether or not the product is original or second-hand or refurblished whether or not the product has been verified recently whether or not the product's standard fits your need If you have ever had any of the above concerns, Our Third Party Inspection can help you to solve the concerns you have.

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Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection is a process that we offer when you send the RFQ During this process, A Third Party will help you to verify the product in all degrees.

Who is the Third Party?

Now you might have a question:
Who is the Third Party?
Since Bureau Veritas is our Global Partner, They will be the one to help you to verify the product.
Third Party Inspection is a pure data report of the product you are looking for.Therefore, you can also verify the data with the own standard you have.

VSS (Verified Supplier Service)

VSS (Verified Supplier Service) Is one of the services that Bureau Veritas (BV) provide to our seller as the Third Party. With this service, you can show your potential buyers your ability To Produce High Quality Products, To Provide Servicefor your buyers, And To Establish Commerce with other parts of your supply chain.

How to apply for the Registered Supplier

During the first level of VSS, You would need to find “BV Verified Supplier Service” under “Company management” on “Seller's Home” Page, and choose “Registered Supplier.” Then you would be able to find a sign up form and get this level of VSS by finishing the form correctly the comments arisen by BV.

The Brown Symbol represents the Registered Supplier, which is The First Level of VSS.
The Yellow Symbol represents the Verified Supplier, which is The Second Level of VSS.
How to apply for the Verified Supplier

For the second level of VVS, you would need to contact the BV through “Verified Supplier,” which is another choice on the same page.You can only apply for this after you finished the First Level of VSS.This time, not only that you need to submit more accurate info.,but a BV Auditor would also verify your products on-site of your company.